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About the client  

Our client is a Texas-based pet-food manufacturing company having a noteworthy presence in North America, Mexico, and Eastern Europe.  They also have subsidiaries and three separate manufacturing facilities within the United States. Our client acquired several small-scale manufacturers and assembled under one umbrella, and eventually, the goal was to introduce Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM as a collaboration platform to operate on a single, unified database to be used by all sales, marketing, and customer service teams. 

The Project

We built a custom Omnichannel Service Automation solution using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service. The CRM solution streamline and automate various customer service processes through workflows such as case routing, ticketing and customer support calls/emails. The client wanted to have a CRM system in place to offer customer service that goes beyond the after-sales service as their primary objective remains the customer retention. The system must empower the agents on the other end of the line to benefit from the Omnichannel Customer Service automation by reducing their workload and embracing self-service agents across the departments. They were on a lookout for an omnichannel strategy that allows them to establish live relationship with their existing customer base by focusing more on case reporting in a timely manner. At the same time, the CRM system must reduce the delays between each exchange which was causing customer dissatisfaction. Alongside, the client was expecting AI-enabled sentiment analysis for each customer interaction which eventually focuses on dissatisfaction being explicitly expressed 

Omnichannel customer service
  • Case Management   
  • Case Reporting  
  • Customer Sentiment Analysis  
  • Workflow Automation  
  • Automated Ticketing System 
  • Integrations with existing Customer Service Channels  
  • On-demand CRM Customizations  


With a custom-built CRM in place, the client was able to stay true to the principles of omnichannel marketing. The CRM we built was able to address responses and embrace self-service thereby maintaining the overall customer experience no matter how the customer communicated (SMS/Chatbot/Phone). The Omnichannel Platform have centralized communication channels in one place and is all geared towards the customer experience. Our solution became an additional asset to their organization as their customer service teams were at the forefront of maintaining and enriching the relationships with both existing and potential customers.  

  • Single Customer View 
  • Faster Case Closure 
  • Full Omni-Channel Support 
  • Encourage Self-Service Portals 
  • More Empowered Service Agents  
  • Customer Retention  
  • Identify Frequently Used Channels 

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