Dynamics 365 Market Insights

Gain real-time marketing capabilities for personalized experiences

Find and nurture more sales-ready leads. Connect sales, customer service and marketing teams by automating processes to make smarter decisions and maximizing Marketing ROI.

Dynamics 365 Marke

About Dynamics 365 Market Insights

Dynamics 365 Market Insights has been intricately crafted to empower professionals across Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, and Finance departments to proactively navigate their respective domains with ease and agility.

Key features of Dynamics 365 Market Insights

AI-recommended Customer Insights

With Copilot integrated into Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, marketing teams gain the ability to effortlessly navigate and explore data using natural language commands. For instance, they can swiftly determine the most popular product category among customers aged 25–34 or analyze sales trends in a specific city by simply conversing with Copilot. Instant results are provided, enhancing decision-making efficiency.

Enhanced Campaign Ideation

Utilizing the campaign ideas feature, marketers can expedite campaign development, generating high-quality content more efficiently. They can swiftly generate campaign concepts based on initial topics and even produce preliminary drafts of blog posts, advertisements, or other content within seconds.

Refining Email Relevance

Delivering relevant email marketing content is crucial for engaging potential customers effectively. By leveraging AI, marketers can enhance email relevance by generating compelling text with a customizable tone based on provided key points.

Data Segmentation

Dynamics 365 Marketing Insights simplifies the process of creating or refining segments with Query Assist, a Copilot feature. Instead of mastering specialized query techniques, marketers can effortlessly describe target groups using natural language, saving valuable time.

Have A project in mind?

AI-recommended Customer Insights for Dynamics 365 Marketing

Market Insights utilizes various types of data to provide comprehensive insights:

Engage Customers

Engage Customers in Real-Time

Leverage the synergy of your data with real-time marketing capabilities and AI-driven productivity features to deliver personalized and interconnected customer journeys. For a seamlessly integrated solution, Dynamics 365 Customer Insights seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft Business Apps, facilitating alignment among sales, service, marketing, and additional teams.

Simplified Event Management

Simplified Event
Aligned Marketing and Sales

More Aligned Marketing and Sales

Transformational Intelligence Platform

Unlock Actionable Insights

AI-recommended Customer Views

Build a Scalable Solution

Build future ready Marketing strategy with Dynamics 365 Market Insights

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